The Tile Effect

16 August 2017

A30, Portugal
Roaming the streets of Lisbon is hard not to get under the influence of all the beautiful tiling and rococo details that finishs of the beautiful buildings around the city.
The old buildings have been untouched or messed around with, so all the tiles are original, in some cases they probably have gone through a facelift, but nothing that would compromise the original look, hence why I love it so much.
The preservation of that nostalgic feeling is key, all marble carvings and colourful tiles have influenced me to put on this shirt I bought from H&M about two years ago, the tile like print fits in perfectly with my surroundings, paired with a simple pair of shorts I definitely gave room for this shirt to do the talking.
I have had planned to have two or three more outfit posts but due to the nature of my trip I just really took time to enjoy my family and just really take some time for myself.
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Blouse - H&M
Shorts - H&M
Trainers - H&M
Bag - H&M

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Silvia Gomes

Lisboa Bonita

22 July 2017

Lisbon, Portugal
I have been to many places, but nowhere compares or even ever come close to my hometown Lisbon.
Capital of Portugal, doesn't matter how many times I visit, this place will never fail to leave me mesmerised and more in love with it.
I have a love and hate relationship with my visits to Lisbon , love coming and eternally hate leaving, this summer I came back for a short sweet and sour ten days for my daddy's first year memorial service and gathering with my siblings, like I mentioned previously and also made a video about it, I have been wearing black and nothing but black for a full year ( only with the exception of one hour shoot I had with my son), so I have now gone back to normal coloured clothes, and I found that creams and some deep tones have been my go to colours to ease me back to my normal wardrobe.
I hope you enjoy the following series of outfits I wore whilst away with a sprinkle of Lisbon, I will be also posting a full lookbook video on my channel, so stay tuned.


  Hoops  (similar) - H&M
Casio Watch - ASOS
Denim Shirt (similar) - H&M
Shorts (similar) - H&M
Sandals (similar) - H&M

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Sílvia Gomes 

End of the All Black

17 July 2017

The end of my full year in black is approaching and I have to say it's been a hard one.
From the reason why I am in black to the challenge of putting all black outfits together that also need to be suitable for nursing my baby boy it's has been a mission. And yet a massive lesson, to overall appreciate what I have and to learn to work with what i already have in my wardrobe.
I have learnt the multiple uses of each garment and I will most definitely take these lessons and apply to my normal clothes.  I will make e most of my clothes and also be more frugal when shopping, be more picky and shop smarter. Buy items with their purpose and versatility in mind more than just the purpose of following a current trend. 

Motivation Monday #1

24 April 2017

Leicester, UK

"Don't be afraid to get your toes wet, you may find you are a mermaid after all"

Staying focused and willing to take risks will bring you more happiness than the act of dreaming and wishing you did.
Wishing never achieved anything, trying and and taking risks do.
Don't be afraid of going for it, fear and self doubt will forever be your biggest obstacle in life.
So get into the habit of eliminating those negative thoughts and substituting them with positive ones.
Start your week as you mean to go on.
Stay motivated!

I absolutely love supporting and motivating people around me just as much as I enjoy being supported and motivated by those around me. It's important we keep ourselves and our circle motivated and positive.
So I wanted to have a little space on here to dedicate to good vibes, so every Monday I will be sharing some positive and inspirational words, so we set the tone for the rest of the week.
I hope you enjoy these weekly series!

~ Sílvia

New beginnings

23 April 2017

Leicestershire, UK

So here it goes, my very first blog post since I became a mother.
My old blog was doing very well when it all went pear shaped, I have just given birth to my beautiful son Raheim at the time, he was about three weeks old, when suddenly my blog disappeared like it never existed before, I was upset and hurt, but did not want it to overshadow the happiness that I was experiencing in my personal life.
 So I made the decision to step away from it and just focus on my personal life and enjoy the precious moments that I will never get back. In a way I feel like it happened for a reason, i had more time to focus on bonding and raising my boy. I missed putting outfits together and writing about them but I don't regret stepping away at all, if anything the amount of things I have learnt this last year have taught me so much about myself.
Not long after having my baby I lost my father, and in our culture we must show respect to our loved ones by dressing in black, nothing but black clothes down to the underwear.
So this last year I have been in all black, because is my dad I must wear all black for at least a year. I have to say I shopped less, and my styling skills have been tested. As the challenge of wearing all black but making sure all my outfits were nursing friendly. It hasn't been easy but I honestly feel like I have grown so much since then. And certainly know my how to make the most of my wardrobe more than I ever did.
So look out for a few all black suggestions as the end of my all black year approaches.
Stay tuned for all the amazing content I have work hard to put together just for you!
~ Silvia

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